Warehouse and Office buildings

Built under the concept “built to suit” spaces, these structures respond to the operative and commercial needs of each client.

Flex Space Buildings

Flexible spaces for the needs of each company.

  • Space availability for storage and offices in accordance with the requirements of each client.
  • Corporate facade.
  • Possibility of growth and immediate divisions.
  • Perimeter reinforced concrete walls cast on site combined thermos-panel walls (steel sheets with insulation in between).
  • Cargo platform at 1.20 meters height.
  • 9 meters minimum clearance space at the warehouse.
  • Floors with capacity for continuous cargo traffic (forklifts and cargo)
  • Roll-up doors of high caliber.
  • Thermal insulation and antileakage roofs.
  • Fire sprinkler system.
  • Electric power with 480/220 three-phase panels
  • The possibility of producing structures combining closed spaces for warehouses with administrative offices and open spaces for storage, as required by the user.
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