This multipurpose business park will include all the services required to cater the businesses operating in the area and their associates:

An innovatively conceived industrial and business park planned to meet all the needs of its users, guaranteeing the development of their activities in a trustworthy and secure manner.

Parque Industrial y Corporativo Sur offers a wide range of services and amenities for companies and their employees.

Additional features found in the park include:

24 hour security checkpoint

The park has a security system active 24 hours a day, which guarantees a safe environment for companies and their employees.

Green areas

The park is designed with landscaped spaces and green areas, which provide a pleasant environment and contribute to the quality of life of those who work on the site.

Sports Facility

To promote a healthy lifestyle and the well-being of employees, the park has sports fields where you can practice various sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, or others.

Food courts and services

Inside the park, you can find a commercial area where you will find options such as restaurants, ATMs and vending machines, where company employees and visitors can enjoy a variety of options for their needs.

These additional amenities in the South Industrial Park of Panama seek to provide a pleasant work environment and promote a balance between the work and personal lives of the people who work in the park.

By offering services and recreational spaces, the park seeks to promote collaboration, well-being and satisfaction among those who are part of the personnel of the companies who are already part of Parque Sur.

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